Services & Consultations

Gifted with clairsentience, clairgnosis and past life remembrances from childhood, including Egyptian Yoga and Healing practices, Gihan is a highly Intuitive Empath and touches the Heart of the Matter with her Clients.

Egyptian Metaphysical Healing Services:

Utilising a unique Holistic model of Therapy; Gihan draws on her academic qualifications in Psychology & Sociology and further Counselling and Metaphysical studies in Australia and Egypt to provide a transcendental approach in merging science and spirituality within her clients' unique therapeutic journeys.

ISIS SEKHEM (c) - A holistic therapeutic healing system that was gifted to Gihan, evolved greatly over many years of multi-disciplinary study, integrating wisdom and channelling at ancient sacred sites of her indigenous Egyptian birthplace; Independent Study & Research;  Metaphysical  Alchemical knowledge and practices for over 16 years.

Merging Jungian Psychology and Ancient Egyptian Archetypal Energies & Metaphysics; in combination with Crystals and Sound/Vibration, Gihan channels the powerful energy of her Ancient Egyptian ancestors. Adding her gifts of clairgnosis and clairsentience, the entire body is energetically 'scanned' and energetic attunements applied to the Chakra system to work on clearing, re-aligning and balancing the energetic & psycho-spiritual-emotional levels; balancing and harmonising polarities. 

Delivering a powerful overall harmonising, clearing and balancing effect as reported by clients, each therapy session's 'reading' and outcome is discussed within a debrief with each client.

Evaluation & Counselling:  Individualised Personal / Situational / Spiritual Counselling and /or Development / Empowerment Coaching are offered as required to complement and enhance each powerful Sekhem Isis (c) Therapy session. As your journey unfolds, each healing session nurtures and supports your unique needs; in addition to other take home tools / resources to maximise long term individual positive change and enhancement. After a series of sessions, clients report feeling more balanced, clearer, empowered or just feeling much more relaxed.

Balance and Harmonise Your Unique & Sacred Essence. 

Consultations with Gihan are available in Sydney & Cairo by Appointment only.

Initial Consultation (1.5-2 hours)

Follow Up Consultations (1-1.5 hours)

Please contact us for fee enquiries.

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*For published editorials about Gihan’s Healing practise in Vogue Magazine Australia and Nine to Five Magazine Australia, please visit our ‘Media’ Link.

Allied Healing Services include:

*Ear Candling with hand-made natural ear candles

*Intuitive Essential oil healing blends for Aromatherapy

*Divination based on Ancient Egyptian Oracle

*Meditation and Yoga techniques

Human Resource and Change Management Services:

Gihan's 'former life' in the Global IT&T Corporate world encompassed 10 years’ experience as a Human Resource Specialist, with particular emphasis on Corporate Training, Recruitment & Selection, Organisational Learning & Development, Management Leadership Development , and Psychometric Testing. Her last role before leaving the Corporate world was South East Asia Regional Management Executive heading the Training Academy responsible for the roll out of IP Data training to 1800 Employee Training and Development divisions in 7 countries across the Asia-Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand; organising Conferences in Australia and Hong Kong, working with Global HR Management in the USA and Hong Kong.

She worked as a Freelance HR Consultant for years thereafter offering a unique End to End service to clients ranging from Government sectors such as Gosford City Council and Private Enterprises such as Boral Corporation, Television and Radio Broadcasting Sectors and E-Learning-Knowledge Management sectors In Australia.

Human Resource Consultations Include:

*Staff Training and Evaluation

*Organisational and Individual Learning and Development

*Organisational and Individual Change Management

*Behavioural Based Recruitment & Selection

*E-Learning & Knowledge Management

*Social and Corporate Responsibility

*Empowering Women in Developing Nations

*Female Leadership & Development

Please email Gihan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information and fees.