About Gihan



Bachelors Degree in Psychology & Sociology, English Literature & Linguistics

The University of New South Wales -Sydney Australia

Faculty of Arts - Social & Behavioural Sciences Alumni

Advanced Diploma of Professional Counselling, A.I.P.C

(Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors -Sydney Australia)

Diploma of Law, The University of Sydney

Professional HR and Human Development Consultant, Healer, Researcher & Writer

Founding Director- Mysticology (TM) Temple of Ancient Art & Science

Mystic, Anthropologist, Human Resource Specialist, Life Coach, Healer, Writer and Independent Egyptologist, Gihan’s Life-work is dedicated to Re-Awakening the Pure Spiritual understanding and Metaphysical practices of her Ancient Egyptian Ancestors.

Born in Egypt to Egyptian parents and grandparents her native bloodline and lineage makes her a powerful conduit and channel for the Wisdom of the Ancient Neteru-Divine Principles/Energies, in particular ISIS and Sacred Feminine Archetypes.

She has undertaken over 16 years of independent research, writing, study and collaboration with some of the most prominent native teachers and wisdom keepers of Ancient Egypt throughout Egypt including at- The Egyptian Museum, The Library of Alexandria and various Ancient Temples/Sacred Sites particularly- Isis Temple-Aswan; Osiris Temple-Abydos and Hathor Temple-Dendarah.

It was at Isis Temple in the Chamber of Thoth/Tehuti/Hermes that she received direct powerful channelling of lost Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Knowledge and the importance of Re-Awakening its study and application in the New Age and Paradigm Shift upon Humanity.

Gihan is both an academic and spiritualist, uniquely merging the two fields into a holistic synthesis of deep Metaphysical knowledge, understanding and practise. This multi-disciplinarian understanding and holistic synthesis evolved into her Professional Consultations and Healing practise over the years. Her professional Services include Consultations in Human Resource Management, Change Management, Human Development, Organisational Learning & Development, Counselling, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing Chakra Balancing and Sound Healing. ISIS-SEKHEM© Healing modality was gifted to her and evolved from this and she enjoyed successful private practice and consultations in Mysticology’s Healing centre in Crown Street, East Sydney for years before offering her private consultations worldwide.

Gihan grew up and was educated to Tertiary level in Sydney Australia. She is a Graduate Alumni of The University of New South Wales (Sydney-Australia), with a Degree in Psychology and Sociology; English Linguistics & English Literature; She has a Corporate Background in Global IT&T - Human Resources; Organisational Learning & Development; Recruitment & Selection; Psychometric Testing; and has Undertaken Post Graduate Studies in Law; Counselling; Independent Research into Comparative Religion; Metaphysics; Symbology; Ancient Egyptian History, Spirituality/Beliefs, Healing and  Alchemy. 

Gihan’s work has been published in Vogue Magazine-Australia, 9-5 Magazine Australia, and her Articles published in The Australian-Egyptian Council Forum Magazine- Please see Media Link and Gihan’s Articles link respectively for more information.

Gihan has also offered her Healing Consultations to celebrities including Cleo Glyde and been interviewed on Australian Radio by celebrity journalist Barry Eaton a few times and is currently working on writing her books.

Gihan offers Professional Consultations for Individuals and Groups-Please visit Services and Consultations link.

Gihan also leads Specialised Transformative Sacred Journeys to Egypt for True Seekers and Aspirants-Please visit Sacred Journeys link.