The Awakening - A Holistic Perspective

I Am Isis, Lady of 10,000 names,

I'm the Nile flowing and giving birth to everything,

I'm mother of Horus, the winner of light,

I'm the lotus, the expansion of beauty, 

I'm the magic, lady of 1000 veils, sister of the mystery.

I'm Osiris, Lord of transformation and death,

I'm the Great Judge of all Beings,
I'm the keeper of Justice and truth, growing the positive on the world.
Together we bring the harmony to the world, the key of life and death,
The way, the light, the balance for all the Horus-Beings *** Amom

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The Awakening - World Uprisings - A Spiritual Perspective

'Rise like Lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you

Ye are many - they are few.'

~ Shelley - The Mask of Anarchy

First it was Tunisia, then Egypt and soon the world followed suit calling the "Arab Spring" the inspiration for global uprisings in London, New York, Melbourne, Sydney and beyond. The fundamental spirit of Freedom, Justice and People Power; shaking and shifting paradigms no longer serving humanity's higher good. The dynamics of course, as diverse as the causes and imbalances, between what's known as the western- free world, or ‘First world’, and the eastern developing nations or ‘Third world’.

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Rediscovering Ancient Wisdom in the Modern Age

Article published in The Australian-Egyptian Council Forum Magazine Oct 2009

The accomplishments and advanced civilizations of our planet’s ancient indigenous cultures attested to their wisdom, enlightened states and higher consciousness across the globe. The Wisdoms of our Ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Asian, Celtic and other ancestors is once again rekindling and stirring within humanity’s collective consciousness in our modern age.

Through oral traditions of story telling, symbology, myth and legend, our ancient ancestors honoured all creation and honoured a deep cosmological understanding expressed in indigenous art, architecture, agriculture, music, healing, sacred ceremony, heiro-glyph (sacred writing) and folklore. In holistic harmony and balance, veneration to life and all that gave life; and death and chaos in turn; formed the deep understanding of the natural orders and cycles of birth, death, re-birth.

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Wake Like An Egyptian??

Article below published in the Australian-Egyptian Council Forum magazine, Oct 2010

By Gihan Kandeel  (c) B.A. (Psych. & Soc.)

As a daughter of Egypt and first generation Australian-Egyptian like many in our community, I have often contemplated what it means to be Egyptian living in a multicultural Western society. I have been personally fortunate due to my work, to travel to Egypt -The Mother Country- almost every year for the past 10 years, re-connecting with my roots and Egypt’s incredible transformations over the years. I have also met many Egyptologists, scholars, authors, researchers, philosophers, and Egypt lovers around the world who are fascinated and have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of understanding and writing about the Ancient Egyptian civilization’s knowledge and achievements.

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The Egyptian Revolution

The Egyptian Revolution-Ground Update

Dear Friends,

Greeting from the Egyptian Revolution and the neighbouring revoltions against repression, corruption, and human rights violations in all manner and form…

I have been here for months now and due to the pace of changes and mixed emotional and energetic processing of witnessing the people’s hopes and dreams convoluted by opposing forces of darkness, have struggled to put pen to paper. I have edited this newsletter three times to keep up. I have wished in my desire to share only Truth and as near a holistic picture to events unfolding in Egypt and the Middle East, an observer’s viewpoint, untainted by my human responses to them, particularly their vicinity.

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Sacred Feminine Rising 2012-2013

Dear Friends,

After spending a 5mth sabbatical in the Middle East bordering the Holy Lands after our last powerful Sacred Journey to Egypt; I felt it was time to share some important insights. Needless to say, the waves of chaos, destruction and despair that we are all feeling within the rest of the world and our disgrace with current world order is only amplified in this most ancient and holy region of our planet.  This part of our planet is the nucleus and core emanating and defining yang world politics.

The three largest monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) spring from this region and with it, the centuries of discord, separation and divinely driven bloodshed despite the common belief in the same One God (known in Hebrew and Arabic respectively as Yahweh / Allah).

A male patriarchal understanding of God, bestowing male privelege and power to male leaders and holy men. Religious laws that codify female submission and subservience, control women and link the guarding of female behavior to male honour. I was alarmed to discover that female circumcision, stoning to death for ‘unholy’ acts and justifiable ‘honour kiiling’ are still practised within remote areas of these Holy lands in the 21st century.  These Abrahamic laws are not exclusive to any one religion or region, but attested to in the Old Testament through to the Koran throughout the Middle East in varying degrees.

How very far I thought, that our middle eastern sisters have gone, from the days of significance, Holiness and power of  ancient ancestresses to their lot millenia later. And so my travels continued exploring this theme through the middle speaking to many local traditional men and women of various demographics.

The picture became clearer as the history and politics of the region unfolded in my quest.

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