The Awakening - A Holistic Perspective

I Am Isis, Lady of 10,000 names,

I'm the Nile flowing and giving birth to everything,

I'm mother of Horus, the winner of light,

I'm the lotus, the expansion of beauty, 

I'm the magic, lady of 1000 veils, sister of the mystery.

I'm Osiris, Lord of transformation and death,

I'm the Great Judge of all Beings,
I'm the keeper of Justice and truth, growing the positive on the world.
Together we bring the harmony to the world, the key of life and death,
The way, the light, the balance for all the Horus-Beings *** Amom

Dear Friends,

Blessings of love and heart healing upon you. The one certainty in all physical Life (Isis-water-moon) is Death (Osiris-fire-sun); and the ancestrally foretold eternal cycles of birth, death and re-birth in all dominions.

“Horus” is the spiritual warrior child and product of this union. Horus’ name in ancient Egyptian “Heru/Hares” means “Protector”. “Horus-Beings” in the last line of the above passage meaning “Protector- Beings” incorporating all light workers, ascended masters, divine principles and energies working in and for the Light and Balance ‘on earth as it is in heaven’.

We are all Horus- the spiritual warrior sons and daughters of light and the divine union. Alchemically, Horus represents the Heart. The heart chakra is the portal and gateway on the inner alchemical path. Our light work incorporates healing our own hearts and the hearts of humanity.

2012 to 2013 heralds the paradigm of metaphysical and physical transformation or death…of loved ones, ideologies, old patterns and programming, controlling us, making us fearful, and no longer serving us as individuals, or collectively as a humanity. This new dawn will be characterised by transformation-death of the father-patriarch archetype and re-birth of the mother-feminine archetype, with ultimate evolution to birth balance and harmony of the mother-father; equilibrium of masculine-feminine archetypes, principles and energies in all domains.

Polarity-Duality is the human cognitive limitation in understanding and applying our world view and consciousness. Good-Evil, Masculine-Feminine are reflections to understand the ‘other’ in the mirror of life.  As we evolve we realise each is necessary in the cosmology of creation and our inner alchemy and evolution, for without one, we would not know the other. The sacred wisdom of our ancient Egyptian ancestors recognised the divine principle of “Maat”- as the rule of divine balance, justice, order, equilibrium in all creation; founded on the understanding “As Above-so Below.” in the never ending cycle of the cosmic symbiosis between heaven and earth.

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We are evolving beyond the paradigms of Empires and Colonies; Masters and Slaves that have riddled our HiStories, to a more Holistic homogenous global humanity, with a stronger sense of Justice and innate desire for Balance, Peace and Oneness.

Wars, Borders, Land occupations, Poverty, Corruption, Disparity and Separation have plagued us. Police and Military Rule- Weapons of mass destruction - Failing economies, are the current karmic tides manifesting in the cosmic scales as they reach critical mass for death or transformation.

Sovereignty and National identity of Indigenous peoples of the world including Australia’s Aboriginals, and Egypt’s ‘Baladi’/Native people; Stolen heritage and humanity including generations of stolen Aboriginal children; Stolen Egyptian mysteries and antiquities, involving heads of European Museums and ex political regime officials. 21st century trafficking of human children and body parts forming an international trade underworld.

How dismal a picture of ‘humanity’ we have become, playing out thousands of years of patriarchal paradigms of power, desire, imperialism, colonialism, capitalism and the rule of white empires whom have stolen from and destroyed our world’s oldest indigenous civilisations, creating the ironic construct of a first versus third world. During our Neolithic history and humanity’s earlier formations of spiritual beliefs moving away from veneration of the primordial mother, white was seen as good and black seen as evil. This notion permeated anthropologically and in historical, spiritual and socio-political human polarities until today.

Archaeology and Religion are proving to play a pivotal role in uncovering historical deceptions and truths. The former used to disprove or prove the latter. Post-revolutionary Egypt, amongst other ancient native cultures such as Greece; are having their first national dialogues surrounding a plethora of their national treasures abroad and their rights to repatriate their native stolen or ‘borrowed’ antiquities. The towering monuments and vast antiquities of the ancient ancestors left behind for humanity are there for our study and research. A discipline that threatens our written and taught history by our patriarchal historians and warrants the re-writing of historical, religious and anthropological truths etched in ancient sacred stone.

Jerusalem-The Ongoing Crusade. Living through revolutionary Egypt and privy to national dialogues surrounding geo-graphic matters of significance; I watched His Holiness, the late Pope Shenouda 111 of Egypt interviewed about Jerusalem on Egyptian national TV. Pope Shenouda discussed the significance of Jerusalem as holy land to Jews, Christians and Muslims with ancient sacred sites pertaining to each faith co-existing side by side for centuries. Pope Shenouda discussed the theocratic trouble brewing with Israel’s expansion of an underground tunnel network for pilgrims leading to Temple Mount; The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Chapel of the Ascension; and “Haram al Sharif’ (Noble Sanctuary) all among the same sacred site. The first monument sacred to Judaism, the second sacred to Christianity, and the third sacred to Islam. The Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque, the Western Wall or Wailing Wall in Jerusalem comprising a patriarchal triad- nucleus holy of holies.

The belief is these tunnels have been built to excavate the Jewish Temple of Solomon said to lie below the sacred ancient Christian and Muslim foundations. These holy sites in Jerusalem are at the very centre of the ongoing religious conflict. His Holiness Pope Shenouda warned that if Israel refuses to oblige by the UN mandate that Jerusalem is considered occupied territory under International law and sacred to all faiths, that this would pose the largest threat to not only the region, but the world.

As the fathers-holy men and patriarchs quibble and jeopardise world peace, moving further away from the Monotheistic Oneness of the Abrahamic fathers and prodigal faiths that have sprung from them; each becomes more fundamentalist. As fundamentalism rises, it becomes politicized. Mixing religion and politics and militarism is the real weapon of mass multi-layered destruction.

A powerful Venus transit is upon us June 5-6, 2012 depending on your time zone. Transits of Venus are very rare, coming in pairs separated by more than a hundred years. This June’s transit, the bookend of a 2004-2012 pair, won’t be repeated until the year 2117.

"The planet Venus named after the Roman Goddess Venus (Greek Aphrodite/ Egyptian Isis). Venus is a roman Goddess principally associated with love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and military victory. Roman theology presents Venus as the yielding, watery female principle, essential to the generation and balance of life. Her male counterparts in the Roman pantheon, Vulcan and Mars, are active and fiery. Venus absorbs and tempers the male essence, uniting the opposites of male and female in mutual affection. She is essentially assimilative and benign, and embraces several otherwise quite disparate functions. She can give military victory, sexual success, good fortune and prosperity". (Wikipedia)

The serendipity is sublime as we usher this significant portal of divine Feminine energy upon earth and within ourselves to become more assimilative at this time. Hearing the call of divine mother; feeling her embrace of love, nurturance, harmony, balance and healing; within our hearts and radiating out to our earth’s energy grid and all human beings and life on the planet.

Our humanity’s global resources ; sustainability; living consciously-responsibly far outweigh any ideological differences or gender differences we may entertain in the physical realm. An ascended unified humanity is evolving on a metaphysical realm, and that means the alchemy of purification; particularly heart purification is necessary. Healing our conditioning, attitudes, prejudices, and perceptions of differences perpetuated by our families, peers or controlled media, separating us from our realised Self and Oneness with Humanity.

May 23/24 to June 30, 2012 will witness a fundamental period in the growing pains of Egypt’s infant democracy. Presidential elections, hand-over of military power, and the outcome of Mubarak trial are forthcoming. Religion has mixed with politics in this volatile period of our HiStory and Islamist forces dominate for various geo-graphical and geo-political reasons including influence and funding from Saudi Arabia. Women’s rights; healing sectarian religious separatism; a conflict between old and new generations in thought-ideology and practise all dominate the landscape. If we can heal the heart we can heal the body. Egypt's problems are not isolated as other regions as far as Russia struggle with true democracy and fighting election rigging and corruption.

September 2012 our Sacred Egypt Journey will commence. Egypt is the input point from Sirius and Orion-the mid-point and heart centre of the earth. To assist in anchoring these transformative energies of the new dawn and sacred feminine heart healing, we will be pilgrimaging to sacred sites of significance on the energetic chakra grid upon the Nile River and beyond. We will be further assisting local communities and heritage projects with tour options and extensions, including eco-tours, workshops and retreat. Places have started to fill on this tour and we prefer smaller groups to ensure tour integrity, security, personal safety and attention, so places are limited. Stringent security evaluation is undertaken by Mysticology (c) and its Egyptian ground staff. If you feel drawn to book on this specialised Egypt Sacred Journey during a historical time for Egypt and the world; please email me directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any enquiries or to receive the complete sacred journey itinerary and registration documents. Registration deadline is now July 20, 2012. Payment plans available.

December 2012 Sacred Egypt Journey is on schedule and Open for international registrations from now to October 20, 2012. Payment plans are also available. Both tours include private journeys to Isis Temple, Osiris Temple, Horus Temple amongst many other powerful sacred sites. Please click on links below for further information.

Blessings of love and heart healing upon each of you, as we transition into the most intense New Dawn cycle; Purifying us for the 2012-2013 Global Awakening.

Gihan Kandeel B.A (PSYCH & SOC) © MYSTICOLOGY 2012