Didgeridoo - Ancient Sounds of the Future

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Gary's famous world best-selling album is demonstrating the power and fascinating sound of the Didgeridoo*. He was able to incorporate electronics and flutes into this recording in a way that complements the depth of the original form. This CD may transform you. -24BIT Master-Sound- -GARY THOMAS- Gary is a sixth generation Australian who was taught by Aboriginal elders how to play the didgeridoo. At Gary's solo concerts the audience quickly picks up on his enthusiasm. He does not only inspire by his music but also by his charisma and friendliness. Gary is without doubt an exceptional musician who is impressive as a soloist as well as a band member. As the "Didge Man" who introduced the Didgeridoo to a wide European audience, he was invited to perform at the well recommended World Music Festivals in Falun (Sweden), at Slogyks (Belgium) and San Sebastian (Spain), to mention the biggest. He is using the didgeridoo not only for nmusic but also for healing processes. The strong vibrations have a harmonizing effect on spirit and mind of the person who is „blown at". Gary has successfully worked with deaf and blind children on Tahiti, in the USA, and all over Europe. Total time: 59.46mins


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