Egypt Sacred Journeys

Gihan’s extensive local networks on the ground in Egypt and key alliances within the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities developed over the years has meant she has the ability to offer Sacred Egypt Journeys with maximum privileges due to her Egyptian birth-right at the most cost effective rates in comparison to the plethora of tours on the market. Gihan will be leading her 4th Sacred Egypt Journey in 2013.

What makes Mysticology™ Journeys to Egypt Truly Unique to other Tours?

Simply, Gihan is Egyptian by birth and bloodline. A Knowledgeable Tour Leader facilitating Specialised Mystical Sacred Journeys in her native Egypt for years with constant research and development for improvements and maximum tour inclusions.

Australian-Egyptian Gihan, is fluent in the Egyptian language, customs, culture, anthropology & mystical insights of both Ancient and Modern Egyptian traditions and folklore. Her language fluency, translation skills and ability of connecting to the unique needs of her tour guests are recognised and appreciated by the True of Heart who accompany her, making her Tours stand out from the rest. Her bi-cultural fluency, experience, knowledge & resources are guaranteed to make Your Journey through Egypt Authentic, Home-Grown, Safe, Hospitable, Transformational and Unforgettable...

Bridging the East & West - visiting Egypt annually since childhood to stay in touch with her ancestral family; and then throughout her adult life as her 'Calling' to her ancient heritage and roots grew; She travelled to Egypt annually on personal quests of re-discovery; deepening her indigenous Spiritual understanding and expanding her network of important Egyptian ground resources along the way. Cultural Heritage Reclamation and cognisance of the exploitation of Egypt, her wisdom and people drive Gihan’s passion for her Authentic Native Tours.

Recognising there are so many tours to Egypt on the market and so many large tour operators and international facilitators who place profit before principle, ask you to undertake pre-requisite courses or workshops before being accepted on their tours; exploiting Egypt and her people, and speak in Egypt’s Sacred Name without Initiation or Blessings of the Neteru (Divine ancient Energies), Gihan is following her ancestral guidance to be True of Heart and True of Voice and bring back Authenticity and Integrity in the field of Spiritual Native Tourism by making Egypt accessible to all True Seekers.

She is an entrusted Bearer of the Indigenous Temple keepers’ Lineage and Native Oral Wisdom Tradition of Ancient Egypt; sharing Sacred in depth mystical insights and understandings exclusively with Aspirants and Seekers of Egyptian Mysticism and Metaphysics on her Tours that are True of Heart.

Gihan grew up and was educated to Tertiary level in Sydney-Australia, bringing a genuine Bi-Cultural awareness & approach to your unique Egypt Sacred Journey experience. After graduating from University in Sydney, Gihan expanded her fields of study and research via Post Graduate Studies in Law; Counselling; Independent Research into Comparative Religion; Metaphysics; Symbology; Ancient Egyptian History, Mysticism/Spirituality/Beliefs, Healing and  Alchemy. 

Gihan has been studying for years the Oral Wisdom Tradition of Egypt/Khemit with Temple Wisdom Keepers throughout Egypt’s Sacred Sites; and has collaborated with Authors, Egyptologists and Academics, and is involved in Research and Development projects for Egyptian Cultural Heritage Sustainability in Australia and Egypt, and is authoring books on the subject.

Mysticology’s Specialized Journeys to Egypt promise to provide you an authentic blend of Egyptian academic and esoteric Knowledge & Insight into this Mystical Ancient Land sincerely unavailable elsewhere.  In addition to genuine Egyptian warmth, hospitality, and a home- grown understanding of her land and people.

Transform... Understand the Roots and Universal Cosmology behind Mystical Ancient Egyptian / Khemitic Alchemy & Wisdom..Follow in the Footsteps of Our Ancient Ancestors as we retrace HiStory and HerStory. This Is a Unique Journey of a Lifetime.

There has been a great deal of debate; Re-awakening our Mass Consciousness to the Question of the Place of the Sacred Feminine in all our Historical and Spiritual Traditions. Join Us as We De-Code Ancient Hiero-Glyph (Greek for "Holy Script") Along with Myth / Legend and the Khemitian Oral Tradition of Suf..The Truth to Our Most Ancient Beliefs & Practices for Harmonising Polarity and Manifesting MAAT (The Ancient Egyptian Word / Symbology for Harmony, Equilibrium, Order, Balance,  Justice and Peace).

Throughout our Graeco-Roman and Colonialist Patriarchal Histories and Constructs that have virtually erased Ancient Indigenous Wisdom traditions and Led Our modern World to the Warring Yang State It Is In Today, The time has come to Re-Awaken and Honour The 'Sophia' (Wisdom) the Sacred Feminine of all traditions;  The Missing Part of 'The Code' of Truth Our Fore-fathers Gradually Surpressed. Join Us as the New Dawn Awakens..

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