Isis-Sekhem © Client

I found it refreshing and liberating and healing. Thank you Gihan for so beautifully and so generously taking me into the Temple of Old and for raising my body's consciousness of what it has always known and for allowing what is so necessary and powerful to come forward. Thank you for your sensitivity and your courage and for your practice of your Ancient Art.

(N. Kelly, 63 y.o Female Personal & Professional Development Coach, Sydney)

I came to Gihan at a time when I knew I needed some work as I was feeling out of balance with my life. I had previously had Bowen technique and Energy healing sessions. By the second session, I realized I was on the path to transformation and healing. By the third session I had achieved a new level of balance, happiness and peace not experienced before in my 38 years of living in this life. The effects were not only internal but external. I felt I looked different and I noticed I was more open with people and people were responding differently to me. Trusting in the process was important and the outcomes for self and those around me were brilliant.I recommend this process to anyone carrying unresolved pain and anyone wanting to be their best in relating to themselves and others.

(J.Hannant, 38 y.o Male Business Development Manager, Sydney)

I'd just like to say a big thankyou for helping me get back on the right track. I sincerely appreciate your warm nature. You inspire me to reach my full potential. I look forward to the journey ahead and am certain with your guidance & your faith in me I'll reach my desired outcome. You are a true inspiration.

(R. Attaya 23 y/o Female IT Recruitment Consultant, Sydney)

Gihan leads me through the Sekhem Isis (c) healing ritual as I listen to a female voice in an ancient tongue weaving up and down a scale like whirls of smoke. Using hands on contact, sound /vibration and crystals, Gihan channels the energy of Isis. Wherever it flows she makes attunements to reduce my emotional blockages and tension. When it is over I'm flushed with a warm glow, weightless and euphoric; and feel a profound sense of peace that the Egyptians called "Temple Sleep". I have spent a dreamlike afternoon unmoored not only from the strains of the world but from the entire Graeco-Roman patriarchy we grew up with, and I drift out feeling like a Goddess.

(Cleo Glyde- TV Celebrity; Vogue Magazine Celebrity Writer; Marie Claire Style Director)

Tour Guest

"If you're looking for a spiritual journey & the Most amazing experience in your life, book on the next tour. Gihan has tailored a journey for individuals, to explore, experience & learn about the history, the mystery & the spiritual understanding of Egypt.

Gihan has the ability to tap into each individual's specific needs & provide for them what they need. The energy and integrity of the tour is obvious by the souls that are attracted to it. The ability to feel safe, supported & special is so reassuring as Gihan speaks the language & understands the culture.

It is very obvious that Gihan's energy & intention of pure love, support & willingness to share her knowledge with us was top priority for her & acknowledged by the indigenous keepers with information & special blessings for us all.

With Gihan's support I achieved everything on my list from meditating in the great Pyramid to climbing Mount Moses to await dawn and so much more. Accommodation & food are just fantastic! It has been a very enlightening journey & a reconnection for my soul in Egypt. Thank you so much Gihan.
Love & Light
Veronia Reinders" (Australia)

Where do you start in writing about your own Mt. Everest moment? Mine was the absolute privilege and experience of entering the Great Pyramid before dawn and lying in the Sarcophagus inside the King's Chamber with special permission arranged for our group to enter the base of the Great Pyramid.

The spiritual experience I had and am still living of our private time on the Giza Plateau has changed my life forever. The visits to all the sacred sites all over Egypt, the wonderful travelling companions we shared it with and new Egyptian friends we made was a memorable experience we will never forget.

Thank you Gihan and Mysticology™ for the chance to experience a deep-seated memory of coming home.

Bright Blessings and love and light to all,
Brian Nicholson & Vikki Lane" (Australia)

"Dear Gihan,
This is to say thank you for the wonderful experience of Egypt fulfilling a dream which has been with me since childhood. Your beauty of presence, patience and graciousness is much appreciated, and has opened doorways on this journey. I wish you every joy and blessing. Always in mind and heart.

Love & Blessings
Mary Kearns" (Dublin-Ireland)

"Hello Gihan
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip, your wisdom and your knowledge, your kindness and compassion made this adventure a truly memorable one that I will not forget. Once I have organised myself I will get the photos on face book. Once again thank you for a wonderful time and have a lovely rest.

Love and Light
Sue Willoughby xox" (Australia)

"Going to Egypt has been something I have wanted to do, since I was nine years of age and going with Gihan fulfilled that dream. Gihan speaks the language and she is justifiably proud of her ancestral history and culture. Her level of spiritual understanding is recognized and acknowledged with respect, in many of the places we had the privilege of visiting, facilitating a level of spiritual understanding of Egypt that was a Gift.

Gihan willingly shared her knowledge with us all and the magic of the Pyramids, Temples, Mount Moses, St. Catherine's and Mount Horeb is evident in the results of the magical photos from these places.

We were supported throughout the journey and willingly assisted when we needed a hand so we could achieve our personal goals. The accommodation, food and service made it more of a wonderful journey.

Gihan thank you for making this experience so special that it will stand out in my mind and heart for years to come. Gihan thank you for making this level of tour available. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It has to be experienced to be believed.

Love and blessings to you.

Maggie de Haan" (Australia)